February 17, 2020, The Scripor alphabet became an integral part of the National Implementation Program for all 7 Schools for the blind and visually impaired, an unequivocal tool at the service of special educational teachers and students.

The protocol is signed with the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, to implement the system countrywide and thus Romania will officially become the first country in the world to use the Scripor alphabet, an alphabet named after its inventor, a tactile coding system that allows visually impaired people to read, write, understand, remember and recognize colors, efficiently.

The Romanian Education Ministry and the Scripor Alphabet Association are establishing a socially responsible example to the world!

According to the protocol, on March 16, 2020, the first implementation was to take place at the “Moldova” Special School, in Tg. Frumos. Unfortunately, on March 11, due to coronavirus, all schools were closed, and the 1st educational implementation could not take place.

During the lockdown, the Alphabet Scripor Association received countless requests to learn it from the blinds and their families from around the world. The lessons of the alphabet were made on online platforms.

Consequently, for breaking down barriers to inclusion, the Scripor Alphabet Association decided to develop an online eLearning platform for all the people with visual impairments from around the world.

The eLearning platform is a valuable resource for the blind, teachers, family and their friends. The platform will contain the following:

  1. Learning the Scripor alphabet (Audio/video)
  2. Download manuals
  3. Download – the Scripor alphabet fonts
  4. Learning through play (a lot of games and toys, including apps) .
  5. Tactile Gallery
  6. Audio library: most essential audiobooks (in cloud)
  7. Art
  8. Fashion labeling + mobile app
  9. Self-orientation
  10. Accessibility sport
  11. Labeling classes
  12. Mapping and orientation
  13. Programming
  14. Professional inclusion
  15. Psychology – art therapy, recovery, patient communication
  16. Online workshops
  17. Webinars
  18. Ed-casts/podcasts
  19. Forum (support)
  20. The Scripor Alphabet eMagazine (coming soon)


The eLearning platform cannot be done alone.
At school or at home… wherever learning happens, you can make a difference.

Your investment in the eLearning platform will leave a lasting legacy of life transformation for millions of blind children, for their families and friends. To move toward their education we rely on gifts from people like you.


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